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I offer rates for advertising and I also barter for ad space - you send me a great product and I give you a great piece of advertising real estate. I love WAHM businesses, books, home education products (science & history kits and the like), and I'm all about interior design and the latest technology! Send me an email with your best pitch and let's work something out.

Sidebar Ads
I can offer you an audience that is fast growing, loyal and highly receptive for your ad. You will be able to reach your target audience:

  • wives and mothers
  • ages 20-52
  • online shoppers
  • managers of the home
Your sidebar ad will be placed on the sidebar and be viewable from every page on the site. Your sidebar ad must be 125 pixels in height and 125 pixels in width or 250 in height and 250 pixels in width.

I will consider your ad as long as your products or services are complimentary to my website and readers. To obtain approval and a quote, please send your web URL and image to:


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