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Music I love
Faith+Hope+Love  By Hillsong Church
Mighty to Save  Hillsong Church
Hillsong United 
Kim Walker Smith ~ Jesus Culture Music
Misty Edwards 

Devotional music
Alberto and Kimberly Rivera
JoAnn McFatter

Ministries I enjoy
Bethel Church  (Bill Johnson) Redding CA
John and Lisa Bevere
Extreme Prophetic  (Patricia King)
Global Awakening  (Randy Clark)
Julaine Christensen Ministries
Hillsong Church Sydney, Australia
International House of Prayer
Jentezen Franklin

Presidential Prayer Team  Keep updated on how to pray for our President, etc.
Teach me to Pray    Eddie and Alice Smith have a 52 week FREE prayer school.
Waymakers  How to pray for your city

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem                 

Daily news of stories you don't get in the mainstream media.

Middle East Media Group A Middle East perspective you can trust

Human Trafficking 

Did you know that there are more than 27 million people enslaved today?  Most of these people are made to serve as sex workers or forced laborers.  Many of them are very young children. This is a little known horrible reality.  How can we help?

Check these websites and ask God to stir your heart.
Not For Sale Campaign
Exodus Cry


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