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Home for the Holidays

>> Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Friends,
We had our home on the Holiday Home Tour in our community as a fundraiser for our new swimming pool.  It was alot of work...mainly because I was way behind in my cleaning.  You know...being too busy in life!

But once I got my act together in the cleaning department, I began enjoying the decorating.  For me it's always a mess in the midst of dragging the totes from the basement, going through them to decide what I wanted out and what to drag back downstairs.

I struggled with my attitude, searched my heart and my motives, and went deeper into the arms of Jesus as I wondered what in the world was I doing in opening my home to lots and lots of people with the extra pressure of the season.

I had to get my eyes back on Jesus and what He called me to do.  He reminded me of a recent prayer of mine about how I could to minister to my community in a greater way.  Well, guess this was part of the answer to that prayer.  God in all His faithfulness and love and mercy filled me His peace and wisdom to make my home a blessing to those who would come and see.


The Holiday Home Tour began with heavy snow early in the morning -
to the point of wondering if it should be postponed.
It was a lovely snow.  We got about 5 inches by the afternoon which
made it a magical wonderland with all the lights.

My outdoor pots were all filled with greenery and branches. 

Our entry door at night.

I had three candles on the steps.
There is course salt on the bottom (actually I used "ice melt")
with cranberries on top.
People were amazed that they kept burning even in the snow.
My hubby swept the porch and knocked one off.
Then there were two!

I'll add more pictures tomorrow.
Meanwhile, have a wonderful day!



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