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Friday Quote

>> Friday, June 4, 2010

Incline Your ear to me, rescue me quickly;
Be to me a rock of strength,
A stronghold to save me. 
Psalm 31:2

My brother travels the world and trains leaders for the Kingdom.  He works with mostly college age kids.  He taught me not to take life so seriously.  He pounded in my head... "Ya gotta laugh, or you'll cry". 

This is my "tongue in cheek" mantra.  God uses it to remind me that the "stuff" that goes awry in my life, is only temporary, it will not affect eternity, and I shouldn't freak out about it.  And besides that, it wastes precious moments of our life.

When I come to those moments in my life such as those that become the "last straw", I choose to laugh....even if I start out with a forced fake laugh.  It always turns into a laugh from the heart and it puts my focus back on what's important and on the One that can rescue me quickly!

So when you're having company for supper, the house is spotless and the kids want to help with dinner by turning the ketchup bottle upside down all over the clean floor....choose to laugh, instead of losing your noodle!

When the paper work is overwhelming and scattered on your desk and you're desperately looking for that important phone number....pull aside and choose to laugh.  You know you can't find anything when you're desperately looking for it. Right?

When you're frantically trying to get out of the house for an important meeting and the baby spits up all over you and of course you have nothing else to wear....choose to laugh and get those healthy little endorphins working for you so the stress doesn't make you sick.

You know the situations and the times when you need to laugh.  There are so many throughout every day!  You'll be happier and find a new joy and a peace that passes all understanding if you are able to learn to laugh more throughout the day.

Blessings as you laugh!


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