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Friday Quote

>> Friday, March 26, 2010

I will satiate the soul of the priests with abundance,
And My people shall be satisfied with My goodness, says the LORD.
Jeremiah 31:14

When we spend time with Jesus, in His presence, that's where we are satiated with His love and abundance.

Satiate means to fill, bathe, make drunk, satisfy, soak, water abundantly.

We are so busy in our lives. We're pulled in every direction. We go through trials. We endure hardships. We have strained relationships. Sometimes our kids are a mess. Sometimes our marriages are not the "happy ever after". We have financial pressures. Sometimes we just want to call it quits or run away to something different.

Ever felt that way?

I have the answer.

It's not SIMPLY spending time with Jesus. It's ACTUALLY spending time with Jesus... in His presence. Allow Him to bathe His love over you. Allow Him to wash the wounds and the hurts with His healing balm. Allow Him to love on you. Allow Him to enjoy being with His precious daughter or son.

Then peace will come to your heart and mind. And the wisdom will come in dealing with our life situations.

And we will walk in the goodness of the Lord that He promises for us. But we must spend time with Him, loving on Him and allowing Him to love on us.

Blessings on your day as you spend time with Jesus.


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