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Thankful for the Rain

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We began the early morning with a soft gentle rain. It was a great time to cozy up and enjoy a cup of coffee as I was listening to the sound of the rain with a thankful heart. It's so good for the garden and the crops in the fields.

The rain increased and our two dogs desperately needed to go outside to go potty. My hubby encouraged me to find the umbrella. Couldn't find it. Tried a plastic bag. Didn't work. Came back in to get my coat that has a hood. My hair, that I had just finished curling, was already getting wet and stringy. Oh well.

Got the dogs out, one at a time. They both came back inside looking like I had just given them a bath - without the pretty smelling soap! Drenched... from formally floppy ears that were sticking to their little heads down to their soaked little paws! There's a certain fragrance that accompanies a wet dog! I don't think is someone bottled it that it would be a top seller.

My piano tuner is coming in a few moments to tune our piano. That's what piano tuners do, right? So then I guess I'll again be able to play like Liberace....or at least think that I do! It's all in the ears of the beholder.

Enjoy your day. Hopefully you're drinking in the goodness of the Lord with a thankful heart! A good cup of coffee helps too.



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