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A Gift of Time

>> Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Last Christmas, our kids gave us a gift of time - doing whatever we wanted them to do around the house or in the yard for a full day. I was actually expecting a new grill for their dad....but somehow that got put to the side.

So Mike and I are thinking of all the things that we could have the kids do for us. Thinking...thinking...thinking...

Then Spring comes and brings us new revelation!!

It was an "Aha" moment.

We are brilliant! We decided we would have the family lay out fresh wood chips around the house and on our garden...which is massive. And since they complain about the most awesome paint job in the basement that was on the cutting edge of decorating in the early 90's, we would have them paint the basement. This was no small task. The main room is about 14 x 33 ft. and the stairway and the hallway too.

We found a day that would work for everyone. They came ready to work and be a blessing to us. People are astounded when we tell them what our kids wanted to do for us.

Here's some pics from the day....

Even with this load of wood chips, we ran out and didn't get the whole garden covered.

Our son in law Jeff, was the master organizer.
Maybe it was because he was determined to not push a wheelbarrow like our son Jacob!

Caleb (left) tells Jacob where to put the chips. Caleb is the younger brother and I'm sure he was in "power mode" telling older brother what to do!

This is my darling of all time! 31 years of wedding bliss and blessing!

Our daughter in love Kassi on her knees and our daughter Lydia who is leaving for Tanzania soon to help with worship at a women's conf.

Our oldest daughter Hannah who is carrying baby #3. (Yippee!)

So as the girls are busy in the basement,
I took this picture of the guys
taking a break!!
Actually, in all fairness, the guys, or one of them, was installing a stereo in the boat.
So they say.

Kassi is painting her little heart out!

Taking a break....again??
That's our granddaughter Gracie in Caleb's lap and his friend Jenna who loves to help.

So there ya go. We're blessed!! The basement is gorgeous. The garden is beautiful. Mike took me outside early the next morning, with coffee in hand, to sit and enjoy the labor of our family.

Blessings on your day.


Sarah Dawn July 18, 2009 at 8:07 PM  


Delighted to meet you! What a beautiful idea, family, celebration, paint and a garden!

I just found your blog via Titus2 as your blog title grabbed my attention. I just had to stop by and visit.

Keep writing for our Lord, the world is reading.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

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