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>> Saturday, April 11, 2009

Schools in Virginia Now Required
to Teach Benefits of Marriage
by Teresa Neumann : Apr 11, 2009 :
Lawrence Jones - The Christian Post

Would that every state have the courage and common sense to go on the offensive with such positive legislation. Kudos to Virginia!

Teaching on benefits of marriage(Virginia)—Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has signed into law SB 827 and HB 1746 broadening the range of topics covered by the family life education curriculum in grades K through 12 to include instruction on "the benefits, challenges, responsibilities, and value of marriage for men, women, children, and communities."

The state's Family Foundation's 2007-2008 Marriage Commission had reportedly made the recommendation that positive aspects of marriage be taught.

According to a Christian Post report, Kaine also signed legislation requiring local school boards to better notify parents regarding what is being taught in Family Life Education so that parents can make a more informed decision about whether their kids should participate in that class.

Family Foundation president Victoria Cobb was quoted as saying the legislation would help to reverse declining marriage and climbing divorce rates in the state.

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Melanie April 13, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

This sounds great.. a step in the right direction!

Have a great week, Mary!

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