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>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alabama Pharmacist Initiates His Own
"One-Man Economic Stimulus Plan"

by Teresa Neumann : Mar 14, 2009 : Connie Baggett - The Press-Register

He asked only that his employees give 15 percent of their "bonus" checks to charity.

Danny Cottrell(Brewton, Alabama)—Pharmacist Danny Cottrell has received national attention for his "one-man economic stimulus plan" in the form of a surprise $16,000 bonus to all of his employees. (Photo: Press-Register/John David Mercer)

As reported in the Press-Register, Cottrell came up with the idea last month to give his full-time employees $700 and part-time employees $300, all in $2 bills, asking only that they award 15 percent to charity and spend the rest locally, particularly at shops downtown.

One employee, Margaret Carter, was quoted as saying Cottrell has always been the best boss around.

As for the pharmacist at the center of all the hoopla? He is on a missions trip to Mexico, far from the camera lights.

Thought this was a very cool story. It's always good to hear the good things about people.

Blessings on your day.

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