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Whirlwinds blowing!

>> Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well! I'm back!! You've heard of life as a whirlwind? We've been whirled alot lately. But now things are settling down a bit. Just a bit.

My hubby and I surprised our dear friends in Nashville, Tennessee recently. Pastor Shane and his darling wife - and all their staff - launched their church with a new name and a new location the end of Sept. The prayer and preparation for something like this is huge. Mike and I were in cahoots with one of the leaders in the church and made arrangements to fly to Nashville on this special weekend to be with our friends.

As the staff and other team members were gathering to pray outside the school they were renting for their Sunday service, we had been "hiding" on the side of the building. Mike called Shane on the phone and was talking to him about how we wished we could be there with them....then we walked around the building....TA DAA!

The looks on their faces was absolutely priceless! We were so blessed to be a part of this special day with them.

When we got home from Nashville, we left our bags out, did a bit of laundry, and left a day and a half later for a pastor leader conference in Missouri.

Then I had 2 weeks of my computer being down. Way down!! My genius computer fixit geek was ready to throw it out the window a few times. But we're up and running. And very glad to be back in cyberville! I realized how much I depended on this machine and all the information that I needed from it when it was down. Not a good feeling!

Praying for the elections. God have mercy on us.

I need a cup of coffee!



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