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Mary's Mutterings

>> Tuesday, July 1, 2008

These are just thoughts on my heart at different moments. Muttering comes from meditation. To meditate means to muse, think on and mutter to oneself. I know some people talk to themselves. Maybe muttering is not quite as loud. Maybe my little mutterings will stir your own heart. Maybe this is just for me.

I do know one thing though....Muttering is ALWAYS performed over coffee!

Sometimes I feel like Mary in the scriptures, when Gabriel came and told her that she was going to be with Child. What a shocker that must have been for this young girl. Not only to be pregnant with a child, since she had not known a man, but then also to carry the Son of God within her womb. 

I’m so glad that Mary didn’t respond to Gabriel saying, “yeah right Gabe, you’ve got to be kidding…no way…no how….not gonna do it. I have my own plans ~ I’m going to college and then I’m going to get married to a rich man, and then I’m going to have 2.5 children and live happily ever after! Who does God think He is anyway!!”  

Can you imagine yourself in that place? Yet Mary responded so beautifully , asking only one question about how this can be, and then she totally surrendered herself and her plans to the Lord’s will. Then she "pondered" these things in her heart. 

It seems that we’re so busy, that we forget to ponder on the things of God, allowing His word to meander in our hearts. Even asking God for fresh revelation of a word or scripture…and asking what it means to me and my walk with Him.

Or we take those things that we believe that God has said and run with it. Look out world, God spoken to me, and I’m running with it as fast as I can!! Uh, may I say…..just a minute here kiddo. I’m so thankful that God said in Proverbs 11:4 that in the abundance of counselors there is wisdom.  

There’s a reason He put that verse in the Bible. Because as humans we tend to get overly excited when we receive something from God and don’t understand His timing. My hubby and I have had promises from God specifically for certain things..and we’re going on 20-25 years ago for these promises. How long do you continue to believe for the promises? Until they come to pass in our lives. Isn’t that right? The key is to never give up. Sometimes we get discouraged cause things haven’t happened for us yet. But I say, don’t give up.

I’m sure that Mary didn’t run down the street shouting to the world that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit! Wow, can you imagine the uproar?? I've learned the hard way not to share things too soon with others. 

It's amazing how people can be "faith killers" or “dream stealers”. They will say things like “well, you can’t do that, you’re not qualified.” Or “you don’t have the money.” Or “you don’t live in a city and you can’t do that in a small town,” etc. etc. Ever met those kind of people? Then discouragement comes in and the dream is pushed way to the back of our hearts or even melts away completely.

If God gives a dream, He also gives everything you need to live out that dream. My hubby has a saying, “God’s mind, God’s method, God’s moment.”. Get God’s mind on the matter.

When God gives a dream, don’t you think He also has a plan to go with that dream? I’m pretty sure that He has a way to bring that about in our lives….if we don’t give up….and keep standing in faith. I’m also pretty sure that He is more than able to supply whatever we need to carry out that dream. And when it’s HIS timing, He can bring it about suddenly. He can cause all things to come in line in a moment’s time.

Don’t give up on your dreams! Keep standing in faith, believing for God to bring them about in His way and His timing. And if you already have given up, ask God to awaken your heart to His dreams for you once again. He will do that for you. Because He’s God and He’s faithful and He’s passionate in His love for you.

Guess that's enough muttering for now.
Keep on dreaming!


Liza's Eyeview July 25, 2008 at 1:11 AM  

wise words; inspiring revelation; great encouragement. Thank you.

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