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The Battle of "The Little Box"

>> Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Once upon a time…. there was a small little person… with a small little mind that held small little thoughts and tiny little dreams. We all know him or her. We have all come in contact with this little person, probably thousands of times in our lives. Maybe we’re related to this small thinker. Maybe we work with him/her. Maybe we’re friends with this person.

Have you ever shared a life dream or a goal that was on your heart with another person and the small thinking person said, "Oh, you could never do that" or "that will never happen" or "You don't have money for that" or “you’re TOO old” or whatever they said to tell you that your dream or your goal could never happen. That person just tried to put you in a little box, resulting in a chopping away at your dream, maybe even killing it.

What about when someone becomes engaged to be married and is very excited and a small thinking friend says..."just wait til you get married...that 1st year is a killer."
That person has just tried to put you in a little box and take away your high desires for your marriage.

Has someone ever said to you about your new baby...."yeah they're cute now but just wait until they get up all night" or "just wait til they are two" or just wait til they're preteens" or "just wait til they're teenagers!" or "just wait"...."just wait"!

My point is this, if you agree with these small, little voices, you have allowed these people to not only put you in a box, but they are using their foot to stomp on you and trying to pack you into that box so they can shut the lid and secure it with duct tape! That's another of the 1001 uses of duct tape.

What are you willing to fight for? If you have big dreams for yourself, your spouse, your family, are you willing to battle the negative small thinking people? Are you able to stand up to those who continually try to stuff us in that little box?

That little box is something that puts limits on our lives. And you know, it happens daily. People that think small, want others to think small with them. They want to squash your dreams and ideas. They don't want you to think big, dream big, hope big etc. They want you to be small like them.

The little box is not a cute little thing. If we allow ourselves to be smashed into this little box of small thinking, it can steal our value of life, our purpose in life, and yes actually destroy our life.

Let's look briefly at Joseph beginning in Genesis 37. He's the baby brother of some pretty rough guys. He's a favorite of dad's because....well, that's a long story. Joseph is obedient to his father and has favor and extra blessings from his dad which causes the older brothers to burn with jealousy.

God gave Joseph dreams about his destiny. Joseph wasn't mature enough to keep his mouth shut, so therefore, in his excitement, he shared his dreams with his brothers. Not a smart move. His brothers were small thinking people. They became outraged and sold Joseph to some passersby and told their father that Joseph was killed. Small-thinking people often move into jealousy and cause great pain in others.

Joseph ends up in Egypt, in prison, then in the house of the Pharaoh, then accused falsely, then back to prison. In the midst of the struggles, Joseph continued to believe God. No matter what the circumstances were in his life, He knew that God was bigger than those circumstances. And he knew that God was true to His Word. Joseph finally ended up second in command next to the Pharaoh of Egypt. God gave him great wisdom. In the end, his dreams did come true, as God had said many years before.

Joseph never gave up. He refused to allow the words of small thinking people to put him in a little box and destroy his dreams. He fought the thoughts of his small thinking brothers and others who tried to destroy his dreams. Joseph believed God. Period.

Now unto Him
who is able to do far more abundantly
than we can ask or think (or imagine or dream or hope or believe)
to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
to all generations forever and ever. Ephesians 3:20-21

I myself am a very big dreamer. So for God to do far more abundantly than what I ask or think or imagine or dream, etc., then it has to be way out there!

God is able to fulfill the dreams that He has for us if we continue to stand in faith. But we must battle the small-mindedness that comes our way. I’m not saying to beat up on the person when those small, tiny, faith-killing words come out of their mouth. Although, my flesh would love to bring a strong “spirit of SLAP” upon the side of their face! I’m saying; don’t take those words as your own. Don’t allow the small thinking of others to damage or destroy your God-given dreams.

We can walk in freedom from small thinkers. It’s a choice to rise above those empty words. It’s a choice to walk in forgiveness of ignorant people. It’s a choice to bless those who mistreat you. It’s a choice to hang on to the promises of God and the destiny that He has for you.

Ask God to enlarge your dreams. What if you don’t have any dreams? Everyone has dreams, sometimes they’ve just been pushed way down into your heart because of small thinkers, dream stealers, or circumstances of life. Ask God to awaken those dreams and desires that He has given to you. He will do that for you. Because His love for you is amazing. God wants us to dream big so that we can accomplish big things for the Kingdom of God.

Just some thoughts from my heart.



Tami Boesiger October 3, 2007 at 7:47 AM  

Very interesting thoughts here, Mary. My husband and I have had this experience, where others close to us have thought us arrogant or "too big for our britches" because we have big ideas and dreams. It's hard to take coming from people you love and who love God the same as you, but is a good lesson in doing things only for Him and not to please others.

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