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He did it again...

>> Tuesday, May 1, 2007

He did it again. My honey hubby surprised me yesterday with this beautiful rose....just because. And since I am a hopeless romantic, I melted, of course. It doesn't take extravagance to fill my heart with joy.

We were listening to a teaching from Pastor Brian Houston from Sydney, Australia. He was talking about having a whole heart toward God. Loving Him with our whole heart, praising Him with our whole heart, serving Him with our whole heart, etc. And what it comes down to is in Matthew 22:37....."You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." How can we do that except only by His grace.

Pastor Brian said that some people are not able to do that at all, because their heart is not whole in the first place. That can be because of many things...hurt, bitterness, fear, doubt, unbelief etc. Those are things that God wants to remove from our hearts, because they will keep us from His best that He has for us. So if you are dealing with those things in your own heart, take them to Jesus. He knows your heart anyway, and He will give you the grace that you need to walk in forgiveness, or to grow in trusting Him, etc.

But what I wanted to bring out here, is that Pastor Brian brought a point of having a heart that is "established". Psalm 112:8 talks about the righteous man's heart is upheld, or one version says, his heart is secure. Another version says that his heart is established. I love that word, "established".

So I can say with my relationship with my hubby, my heart is established in my love for him. I am secure in my love and my commitment to him and our marriage. We are in covenant with God in our marriage. Therefore, when we hit some rocky ground, (and we have in the past and we will in the future) I know that we can work through together and come to solid ground again, because both of our hearts are established with each other. So all that comes out of getting a rose from my hubby. And on that note....Have a great day!



Denise May 1, 2007 at 5:54 PM  

Hey sweet one, christian women online chose your blog, as blog of the month.

Denise May 1, 2007 at 6:22 PM  

My husband and I had a short romance, we met in November of 1984, became engaged in December of 1984, and were married in April of 1985. Of course, my Mom was quite surprised of how quickly things moved along. But, she was very supportive, as always. She and I planned everything, she bought me such a beautiful wedding dress, paid for the wedding, everything was done just right. Then, came the day of the wedding. It was a lovely Saturday, April showers were no where to be found. The nerves were setting in for myself, as well as my dear Mom. God bless her, she was so loving, and helpful to me all day. Our wedding started at 6:30 that evening, Mom was the one who would be driving me to the church. Well, she filled the tub up with big bubbles, and had me take a relaxing warm bath. She said, honey, you relax your mind, and your body. Everything is going to be fine, this day will be filled with sweet, happy, precious moments for you. She always pampered me, God bless her. Then, the time arrived, we got in the car, headed down the road to the church. I noticed, that she was driving very slowly. I said, Mom we are going to be late if you do not speed up a little bit. You know, I really would like to be on time. My Mom stopped the car, looked directly in my eyes, and preceded to say to me, you know you are my baby girl, and if you do not want to get married today, I can turn this car around right now, we can be home in just a few minutes. She continued the conversation by saying, if you do not want to get married now, I will buy you a car instead. You have to love her!! But, as you know, I chose Eddie, instead of a new car. I believe I did well, we will celebrate 22 years of marriage on April of this year. A car would not have made it this far, but Eddie has, lol By the way, Mom loved Eddie like a son, they were buddies. About a month before she passed away, when she was so weak, and could barely speak, she pulled Eddie close to her hospital bed, and she said these words to him, 'I am so glad that she chose you, instead of a car. Thanks for the memories Mom, I love you always. This is the story that is now in a book.

kissesfromheaven May 1, 2007 at 6:30 PM  

Thanks for sharing! That was awesome!! Great great story!
Blessings to you dear one.

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